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By: Qcharm  09-12-2011
Keywords: Charms, Wristband

The Wristband:

The Charms:

The Pictures on the Charms:

Clear black-ink design with no competing shadows or colors.
Black printing is optimal foreground color to contrast the charm's yellow background.
Unlimited design/icon/symbol opportunities.
Present information related to schedule, changes in schedule, emotions, safety, techniques to adapt to environmental stressors, reward reminders, expressive and receptive communication, cause and effect, "first/then", concept (sequence of events/behavior then reward/inappropriate or unsafe behavior then consequence).
Blank charms
Anyone who wants a visual support system that is very easy to transport around the home, community,  school settings.

5 sets of 30 charms, 2 wristbands, 2 key chain bands: Start-up; Home; Young Child School; Youth School; Community.

15 new sets of 10 charms + 2 wristbands.

Keywords: Charms, Wristband