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By: Strategen  09-12-2011
Keywords: Conference

A virtual world is an on-line representation of the real world where you can meet, present, socialize and exchange ideas.

Typical uses include, but are not limited to:

By attending virtual events, participants avoid the time consuming and costly need to travel. This increases productivity, eliminates jetlag and reduces time away from family. You collaborate more efficiently with colleagues, make quicker decisions, and reduce the time it takes to complete complex projects that require the input of geographically dispersed participants.

Virtual meetings can be held at a fraction of the cost of meeting in the real world – no air travel, no hotels, no dining away from home – and cost considerably less than large-scale video conferencing. In addition, participants are more engaged when attending a meeting in a virtual world as opposed to participating in a two-dimensional web or telephone conference.

When participating in a conference call or two-dimensional web conference, we log in, join the meeting and subsequently log out. But, as we all know, the success of many meetings hinges on the essential socialization and networking opportunities that take place before and after such gatherings. Strategen’s virtual spaces ensure that these opportunities exist for all by creating dedicated, functional and visually pleasing environments.

Keywords: Conference