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By: Sand  09-12-2011
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At the core of Loyalty Marketing is analytic data. We are moving from one to one marketing to one to one pricing through targeted offers. With this move, it is essential we focus the right amount of resources on the right customers. Identifying which customers are most likely to buy new products, which are most likely to buy more, and which have the highest propensity to churn — and to understand what we can do to keep them — is step one. When we have understood which customers to target, step two is to understand what to target them with.

A Single Customer View is not enough. Multiple data silos across multiple lines of business involving multiple touch-points from store to web to call center to partner — even consolidated lifetime customer views — are not enough. They’re two dimensional. They’re flat. SAND believes that true customer insight requires a true, three-dimensional view of your customers. Only then, with the full granularity of SAND analytics, can you move from a Single Customer view to a View of a Single Customer.

When all your technology can do is segment a Single Customer into a bucket with many other, similar customers — when you’re forced to settle for small segments of the total population — your message is diluted, it’s impersonal. It’s weak. With SAND, your can compare one Single Customer with another Single Customer and understand how each relates to the other. You can turn data into actionable information. You can understand their relationships on a personal level. You can have a conversation. And you can offer them strong, relevant, timely communications.

SAND’s consulting services for Loyalty Marketing are built upon many years experiences designing, implementing, and maintaining some of the world’s most advances customer loyalty programs. Using SAND’s Agile Deployment methods SAND can get Loyalty Marketing focused, targeted and successfully implemented delivering immediate returns.

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