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By: Embrase  09-12-2011

Identify and validate target markets and define strategies to address them

To succeed with new products or in new markets, high tech companies face the challenge of establishing market credibility and presenting products with a competitive advantage and real differentiators. Whether pitching to customers, partners, industry analysts or investors, the message must be consistent and present compelling reasons to buy.

With Embrase, the exercise of Positioning is a strategic analysis and planning phase that uses proven methodologies to ensure all company resources are aligned to support revenue-driven initiatives.

Business Opportunity Assessment (BOA)
A series of workshops are centered around detailing market segment knowledge and identifying a customer's compelling reason to buy. A structured process, with consistent objective criteria, makes it straightforward to identify the most attractive initial target market to pursue. Thereafter, in-depth market research either confirms this first target choice, or pushes to continue with other identified segments until a prime target market is selected with a real compelling reason to buy that is validated by market feedback and interviews.

Go-to-Market Strategy
Based on the selected target market, a high-level overview of activities, and the resources needed to undertake them is then provided. This offers a foundation for both a Business Plan and a detailed Sales and Marketing Plan to go to market with success

Generate demand, maximize revenues and increase margins

After a solid positioning strategy is identified and necessary resources are in place, the third area in which Embrase works with clients is to take products to market.

Product Marketing & Branding
To generate demand and increase market awareness, Embrase leverages its Positioning exercise to plan and support the development of a whole product offering. In parallel, Embrase ensures a rich customer experience by developing the appropriate corporate image, branding and packaging.

Sales & Marketing Plan & Tools
Embrase extends the creation of a sales and marketing plan and budget by also being able to tactically create corporate communications, develop sales and marketing tools, and implement ongoing market and competitive intelligence.

Sales, Channel & Business Development
Embrase accompanies businesses to market to ensure that sales objectives are met. From the sales plan down to feet-on-the street, from direct sales to value added resellers and channels, to web sales and volume distribution, Embrase Partners provide in-house experience and confidence to make business grow