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By: Medical Computing Group  09-12-2011

A real-time video acquisition module to selectively digitize pertinent video clips (from videoconferences, endoscopes, echography, etc.) without distracting the doctor from her activity. A touch-screen interface and open architecture permit captured clips to be automatically integrated into the information system (EPR, Report-Request, etc.)

The first version of Atlas Video/Data appliance distinguishes itself with:

  • Strikingly simple interface for human-machine interface: It is as easy to use as ATM machine and requires virtually zero training
  • Touch screen interface and pedal: video producer controls acquisition during activity
  • Pre-capture cache: human decision-making response-time factored during acquisition
  • Open interoperable with other equipment: can be used as stand-alone (store & forward server) or networked (extending video acquisition and real-time indexing capabilities to any outside applications)
  • All codecs supported: user-installable Codecs keeps codec choice and license issues with client (bringing solution price-point down)
  • Multiple user: can be authenticated locally or via network
  • Multilingual metadata template framework: the same acquisition device can service multiple users from multiple specialties with varying data-entry, encoding, archival and application connectivity requirements
  • Extremely configurable: built to be generic, most of the features can be configured or repackage in real-time. It takes next to no time to customize the multiple devices for different settings.

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