Manufacturing of revolution oven, revolution 16, pastry oven, bakery oven and commercial oven

By: Picard Ovens  09-12-2011
Keywords: Art, Access Doors, Access Panels

The newly designed Revolution is a piece of art in itself. Sleek European design suggests high technology coupled with unadulterated clean design.
The Revolution oven is a rotating oven that is revolutionizing the history of revolving ovens.
It has a large capacity with a state of the art burner that uses only 200000 BTU, for the 24 pan model, even while using vapor! It has one of the smallest footprints in the industry, 43 Sq Ft (24pan model). Because its thermal insulation is so effective, it can be installed at 0 clearances against combustible surfaces from the side, back and floor. It can even be installed on a wooden floor. The Revolution has access panels that enable cleaning the interior of the over with a vacuum from the exterior of the oven.

Versatility is what it's all about today and this oven gives you just that.

  • Capacity of 8, 12, 16, 24 or 32 pans ( 18’’ x 26’’)
  • 4 or 8 full steel or expanded metal or optional stone shelves.
  • Gas or electrical burners
  • Panoramic window
  • Aluminum counter-balanced door
  • Digital control panel
  • front access doors to drive system, gas and electrical components.
  •         A fluorescent light illuminates the interior of the oven from the exterior

  •     All graphite bushings

  •   Two access cleaning doors, choice of either right or left side


    • RE 4-8   57 ½ po  x 87 po. x 92 po.
    • RE 4-12 75 ½ po. x 87 po. x 92 po.

    • RE 4-16 93 ½ po. x 87 po. x 92 po.

    • RE 8-16 57 ½ po. x 87 po. x 92 po.

    • RE 8-24 75 ½ po. x 87 po. x 92 po.

    • RE 8-32 93 ½ po. x 87 po. x 92 po.

Keywords: Access Doors, Access Panels, Art

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