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By: The Best Dating Advice  09-12-2011

The Best Dating Advice » Romantic Ideas & Tips

…and why you should too!

Whether it’s eleven pipers piping, Shriners on mini-bikes or the majesty of a well-crafted float, the atmosphere at a St-Patrick’s Day parade sparkles with wonder and anticipation. The pride wells up from inside and burns through your chest as you survey the spectacle about you. Or maybe, that’s just too many Irish whiskeys and Guinness on an empty stomach.

Either way, it’s an easy bet that everyone who has come out to partake in the festivities is friendly and there to have a good time, so it’s awesome an opportunity to meet new people. If you do it right, these strangers can become lifelong friends and/or lovers. I knew a girl who wound up meeting her future husband. And more than a few guys, their girlfriends. It’s makes you wonder if the day isn’t under some Celtic spell. For I have seen even the shyest, most awkward, drunken ramblers whose patter is less charming and coherent than the raving lunatics in the asylums come away with dates.

Here’s your action plan to make the most of parade day:

1) Breakfast: Unless you’ve been out ’til four in the morning the night before (and even if you have), set the right tone for parade day by inviting all your friends and acquaintances over for a pot-luck breakfast. Gauge how many guests you’ll have and give each one an item to be responsible for.

2) Paparazz-ize:
Be sure to capture all the fun and excitement, including the riske or outrageous moments, on your digital camera. This will come in handy when you’re meeting people at the parade or bars.

3) Pick Your Spot: If your plan does not include a pre-parade top-up of Irish or Bailey’s coffee, get to the route early an stake your claim on the spot of land where you and your friends will be hanging out. Consider sight-lines and proximity to the nearest washroom.

4) Dress appropriately: I covered this in the last post. Showing your St. Patrick’s Day colours is a great way to bond with strangers (Read: have that hottie realize at a subconscious level that you are safe and someone they can be comfortable around).

5) Remember the kids: How you act around children, especially if they are not your own, says a lot to a potential mate about the kind of person you are. Breakout the stickers and cheap candies you picked up at the Dollar Store earlier in the week, and distribute them liberally.

6) Post-Parade agenda: You want to have the after-parade party all planned out. If you can, send a few friends ahead of you to reserve tables at whichever bar you’ve chosen. You’ve been meeting people all morning, demonstrating how popular, fun, friendly and stable you are. You are ready to take it to the next level.

Invite each and every one of them to party with you at the bar. If you’ve followed the action plan so far, this should be a “no-brainer”.

Congratulations: You’ve made friends and influenced people. You have successfully laid the groundwork for a wealth of potential dates. Stay on track and don’t let the alcohol get away from you. Slainte!

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