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By: Cogan  09-12-2011
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Cogan mezzanines increase your manufacturing and storage capacity. By adding a second or even a third level inside your warehouse, mezzanines create new usable space quickly and economically. Cogan mezzanines can be used as production floor mezzanines, parts department mezzanines, stock room mezzanines, office mezzanines, locker room mezzanines, retail mezzanines and many other mezzanine applications.

Cogan mezzanines are custom-engineered to meet your exact mezzanine storage needs. The mezzanine modular components mean our mezzanines are easily adaptable. Cogan mezzanines can be disassembled, relocated and expanded to grow with your business.

No matter the mezzanine application, Cogan mezzanines will transform unused vertical space into a profitable mezzanine storage area. Our mezzanines are designed to work around the existing layout of your building. Mezzanines will match your facility’s exact height, area and load requirements.

Our 3D engineering software and CNC manufacturing process mean Cogan mezzanines are built for maximum strength and precision. This advanced mezzanine technology ensures the accuracy of our mezzanine designs, resulting in significant improvements in mezzanine production efficiency, mezzanine consistency, mezzanine quality and mezzanine flexibility.

Cogan’s Express Mezz mezzanine service is the most efficient and cost-effective mezzanine option when you have a near impossible mezzanine delivery date. Our accelerated mezzanine service guarantees delivery of a ready-to-assemble mezzanine within three weeks of signed mezzanine approval plans.

Simply send us the details of the building and your mezzanine space requirements and we will return your mezzanine plans to you, showing exactly how the mezzanine will be configured, for approval within three days or less of the mezzanine order being placed.

From mezzanine conception to mezzanine installation, a Cogan mezzanine is innovation at its best. Supporting mezzanine columns are bolted to the ground, taking up minimal floor space. A series of mezzanine beams is then bolted onto the mezzanine columns and the mezzanine flooring system is fastened on top of the mezzanine structure.

Whether you choose a standard mezzanine or a custom mezzanine, Cogan mezzanines are engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of industrial mezzanine use. Cogan mezzanines provide lasting value and versatility to keep pace with your evolving business.

Keywords: Locker Room, Mezzanine, Production Floor, Retail Mezzanines,

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