Hardware: profiles and more in the combitech® system from alfer

By: Orditech Enr  09-12-2011

Everything fits together:
The combitech® system: flexibly combinable

The Basis range from combitech® comprises standard aluminium and plastic profiles such as pipes, brackets, square tubes and much, much more. The sizes are perfectly compatible so that everything fits together. The alfer® profiles have several features not present in competitors’ products, including

The drill alignment groove: precise drilling made easy

One product highlight is the typical drill alignment groove – just one of many practical ideas from alfer®. For example, this marks the opposite sides of a rounded pipe making vertical drilling through the middle easy. Instead of drilling right through while hoping to meet the opposite side at the right angle, the drill alignment groove tells you where to drill the opposite side. This also means that you can avoid creating a drill burr on the outside.

Additions: everything else you need.

The comprehensive range of accessories with various standard parts such as nuts, washers, springs, end caps, rubber buffers and much more offers the perfect addition for every application. Metric threads are a further important component: metric threaded rods from which screws of any length can be produced.

A professional tool range for processing the alfer® profiles makes your work easy. The useful assistants in the alfer® range: mitre boxes, multi-clamps, several saws, rulers and brackets.

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Storage and classification range from alfer®: hooks and rails, shelves

Aluminium is rust-proof, hygienic, antiseptic and easy to clean, making it particularly suitable for coldrooms, cellars and wet areas. The range includes brackets with even and uneven branches, flat brackets, U-profiles, T-profiles and rectangular tubes. The holes make the profile suitable for a broad range of uses while still being extremely stable. Alfer® offers not only the right general tools but also universal deburring tools.


Building profiles from alfer® for dry construction, plastering, parquet, tiled, carpeted or laminate flooring

In addition to many classic bars in attractive designs and numerous materials such as aluminium, plastic or stainless steel, there is also cabelino®. Baseboards can be used to create a, clean, attractive edge between the wall and floor. Baseboards are ideal for concealing retrospectively laid cables and lines. They are particularly indispensable when using floating floor coverings.


Profiles, semi-finished products made from aluminium, steel, brass and plastic: alfer® aluminium GmbH

Thanks to its vast experience, the company can guarantee a reliable, stable and innovative range of profiles and semi-finished products made from aluminium, steel, brass and plastic. There is good reason why alfer® claims to be the market leader for aluminium profiles in Europe.