Pain reduction - Dermo-Contracto Perception

By: RC Healing  30-12-2010
Keywords: healing, Energy Healing, Holistic healing

Dermo-Contracto Perception
Dermo-Contracto Perception (or “Touchless Feel”) is a discipline where one can tap into energy that is released by living creatures. A skilled practitioner of Dermo-Contracto can consciously and intuitively differentiate these surfaces of energy through superficial contact with the skin.
Patients who suffer from naturally-occurring ailments and environmental stresses are most likely to benefit from Dermo-Contracto Treatment. This treatment can also be beneficial to patients suffering a wide range of illnesses and physical injuries. The list of ailments that can be treated using Dermo-Contracto is increasing rapidly and continuously.

Keywords: Energy Healing, healing, Holistic healing, Spiritual Healing