Zanin Media - CD-DVD

By: Zanin Media  09-12-2011

Zanin CD/DVD utilizes the latest technology and quality control procedures to ensure production of the finest optical media on the market. CD/DVD replication is the core of the Zanin operation. Our high-end replication facility is capable of producing CD-Audio, CD-ROM, DVD, CD-G, as well as shaped CDs. Zanin’s manufacturing facility houses some of the most advanced equipment in the industry, providing the highest quality and fastest cycle times available. Our high-speed, precision injection molding presses utilize the latest robotic technology in the industry.

The audio CD is the most popular pre-recorded format for music. With its high level of fidelity, "CD quality" has become synonymous with superior sound quality.

CD-ROM has transformed information technology, raising expectations of what can be accomplished in computing environments and providing a low-cost means for disseminating a wide range of digital information.