By: Ozkon  09-12-2011

The 3D EYES POS digital system controls cash transactions and allows to combine video data with information printed on sales checks.Nowadays, POS terminals, fiscal recorders, electronic balance and anti-theft devices became an essential requirement to a modern business.3D EYES POS is an essential part of professional equipment aimed at retail trade security.3D EYES POS provides the following benefits:

  • Reduction of losses at shopping centers; incontrovertible proofs of trade violation (false discount cards, misappropriation of profit, fictitious return of products, imposition of clients, etc.).
  • Enhanced quality of service; manager possess full information on personnel's actions, which greatly improves labour discipline. Network features of the system allow to receive information in minutes, even not leaving office.
  • Registration of all purchases with indication of date, attachment of video record of both salesman and client.
    Remote control over a trade outlet operations from any point of the world.
    Centralized control of POS network.
    Operative real-time management.
    Powerful analysis toolset: basic and extended requests, search of specified events.
  • Statistics of a certain product's sales, minimum and maximum sum of purchases at every cash register, analysis of every POS operator work.

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