By: Ozkon  09-12-2011

Body Box CCD Camera Models:

Dome CCD Camera Models:

IR Camera Models:

Wireless Camera Model:

    Wireless camera solution can be used with our PC based Standard Card. Our standard card has 4 channels inputs and one of these channels for wireless access and the rest can be used for normal video cameras.

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New 4 Channel Standalone DVR is a new product with high quality monitoring. With Client Program, 16chns Remote Monitoring upto 4 DVRs. High Quality Picture at Maximum JPG compression Rate. Easy Access with PS2 Mouse Control. 120 fps NTSC recording speed.



Statistics of a certain product's sales, minimum and maximum sum of purchases at every cash register, analysis of every POS operator work. Reduction of losses at shopping centers; incontrovertible proofs of trade violation. Remote control over a trade outlet operations from any point of the world. Powerful analysis toolset: basic and extended requests.