What's New in Automation Studio™ P6, Collaborate for Better Efficiency

By: Famic Technologies 2000  09-12-2011

A Collaborative Environment,
Creator of Synergy

Automation Studio™ P6 is a multi-user environment. This allows you to perform collaborative work on a project through data sharing and synchronization between different users. Moreover, thanks to the Access Rights Manager, you can set access restrictions in reading, publishing, etc. Thus, you can safely share your projects, be it with customers, suppliers, and of course your colleagues.

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What's New in Educational Edition 5.7

The One-Line Electrical Diagram Workshop empowers you to create, visualize, document, modify and simulate diagrams for various voltage levels in a typical one-line representation of electric systems. Automation Studio™ simulates the behaviour of an electric power network, be it a power station, a substation, a transmission, distribution, or standalone network with its own generators.


Automation Studio™ Educational |Overview, Design Features, Libraries

From system design through simulation and component animation, Automation Studio™ offers a wide array of intuitive tools to help you teach programs related to hydraulic, pneumatic, PLC, and electrical technologies. Complete and flexible, it allows you to create rich and flexible course material, to illustrate the concepts studied in class through simulation and animation.


Automation Studio Component Libraries

All modules and libraries interact with each other during simulation, therefore allowing you to create complete systems that behave as they would in the reality. Each library contains hundreds of symbols compliant with ISO, IEC, JIC, and NEMA standards. Automation Studio™ now comes standard with several modules and libraries.


Automation Studio workflow

Whether you are involved in the design, training, sales, production, or maintenance, Automation Studio™ can help your organization by improving quality, speeding up workflow, and boosting productivity while simultaneously reducing costs and enhancing all aspects of project communication.