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As more and more established organizations realize that they need analytics to form tighter relationships with their customers, partners and suppliers, they realize integration and shared analytics isn’t simply a technology issue; it requires integration and alignment, at many levels:

  • Strategic
  • Tactical
  • Operational
  • Organizational
  • Interpersonal
  • Cultural.

W ithout this holistic approach to business network design, the very reliance of organizations on partners, suppliers and other outside companies exposes them to strategic risks. This is not a comforting fact when one considers that anticipated results in an environment where firms are only as strong as their weakest partner.

When it comes to analytics to manage risk inherent with collaboration,  we provide business analysis, organizational and social network analysis, executive coaching and the Velox ERM Framework.  We work to make businesses more flexible and resilient. through the active management of collaborative networks and processes within the organization and those that span across multiple firms.

By working with TP on analyze risk in your business networks, you and your organization can reduce implementation cost and adoption time related to key activities such as:

  • Strategy and Planning: Establishing strategic priorities and objectives where collaboration can directly and sustainably improve business performance.

  • Value Management :Identify and value key tangible and intangible assets portfolio for building a highly competitive virtual organization

  • Technology Planning: Identifying and leveraging technology resources and capabilities such as Shared Services, Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to integrate and manage internal and external relationships effectively.

  • Operationalization: Working with partners and service providers and organizational stakeholder to develop processes that work on the ground as much as on paper.

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The Velox Enterprise Relationship Management Framework (ERM) enables businesses and other organizations to see their collaborative activities from a cross-industry process viewpoint versus a narrow functional viewpoint. The ERM Framework equally serves as road-map for implementing best-practices that continuously improve an organization’s capability to manage, enhance and better leverage their collaborative business networks and supply/value chain links within the intended business strategy.

Since an organization cannot implement all of the best ERM practices in a day, the ERM framework introduces them in stages. Each of the 3 life-cycle stages in the framework produce a unique set of transformations in the organization’s culture, people, technology and operations.

At the heart of the ERM framework are  powerful practices for designing collaborative processes that incorporate the principles of process repeatability, predictability, measurability and alignment into core activities such as selecting, developing, orchestrating, measuring, and retaining business network partners. As a result, the ERM framework establishes an integrated system of best practices that matures through increasing alignment with the organization’s business objectives, performance, and changing needs.

 Framework Components

As more and more established organizations realize that they need to form tighter relationships with their customers, partners and suppliers, collaboration with other organizations' people, technology and operations become critical issues. This is not a comforting fact when one considers that over 60% of alliances fail to deliver anticipated results in an environment where firms are only as strong as their weakest partner.

On the other hand, a structured approach to integration and relationship management translates into better top and bottom lines all while reducing risk and maintaining service levels. To find out more, call us at 1-888-879-8440

Financial Performance Gains

  • Strategic alliances have consistently produced a return on investment of nearly 17 percent among the top 2,000 companies in the world for nearly a decade. This return is 50 percent more than the average return on investment that the companies produced overall.
  • The 25 companies most active in alliances achieved a 17.2 percent return on equity - 40 percent more than the average return on equity of the Fortune 500.
  • The 25 companies least active in alliances lagged the Fortune 500, with an average return on equity of only 10.1 percent.
  • Successful alliances recognize 20 percent profitability improvements, as compared to only 11 percent for the less successful companies.
  • Revenue generation from highly successful alliances equates to 21 percent of overall firm sales, as compared to 14 percent for less successful alliances.

Source: Harbison, J.R., Pekar, P.jr., Viscio, A. and Moloney, D. (2000) The Allianced Enterprise: Breakout Strategy for the New Millennium, BoozAllen & Hamilton.

Operational Performance Gains

  • Inventory levels reduced by as much as 50 percent.
  • Inventory turns doubled.
  • Stock outs reduced ninefold.
  • On-time deliveries increased by as much as 40 percent.
  • Cycle times decreased by as much as 27 percent overall.
  • Supply chain costs reduced by as much as 20 percent.
  • Revenues increased by as much as 17 percent.

Source: Gretchen Teagarden, Solomon Smith Barney, 2000

Social and Organizational Network Analysis defined

"Social Network Analysis [SNA] and Organizational Network Analysis [ONA] consist of mathematical and visual analysis of relationships / flows / influence between people, groups, organizations, computers or other information/knowledge processing entities". - Valdis Krebs

Networks are everywhere! In the relationship age, networks have become the new paradigm for successfully building and managing organizations of all sizes and types.

In the past, solving collaborative issues was a daunting task because the tools and methodologies were not geared towards mapping and analyzing them easily or effectively. Since then, a new field of scientific research has evolved to specifically deal with mapping and analyzing networks of all types. Social and Organizational Network Analysis (SONA) enables organizations to solve internal and external collaboration challenges visually, objectively (data-driven analysis) and quickly.

In essence, SONA is to networks what mapping and re-design are to processes; tool that build shared understanding visually as well as identify opportunities for improvement.

Social and Organizational Network Analysis Services

Networks often dictate what happens in a group or network of people. Ever see a firm go through a reorganization, to function the same way as before?

Understanding how information flows between people, groups, organizations and systems

enables us to design strategies that leverage relationship assets leading to

  • The elimination of performance/decision making bottlenecks,
  • A thorough understanding of group dynamics
  • Increased knowledge sharing between people, groups and organizations.
  • Rapid adoption of change relating to new business practices and laws.

Technology Partnerz consultants are there to help you map and analyze business and social networks in almost any context, using simple data collection tools. Listed below are some of the applications where Social and Organizational Network Analysis have had a profound and positive impact on the achievement of strategic and operational objectives.

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Network Analytics Solution Areas

The following diagrams outline different networks scenarios and what their optimization can contribute to the organization.

Communities of Practice

  • Who are the people who participate in process of social and organizational learning?
  • Who are those that have a common interest in some subject or problem and collaborate over an extended period to share ideas, find solutions, and build innovations?

Expert Location

  • Who is really valuable to the organization?
    Who has the most connections?
  • Who can get the message out quickly?
  • Who are the knowledge connectors and who are knowledge integrators?

Stakeholders & Influencers

  • Who is most influential?
  • Who is the most the sought out?
  • Who has the info we need
  • Who has the connections
  • What do influencers think
  • Assess potential for diffusing info in networks
  • Identify key players and diffusers: Who can get the message out quick

Supply Chains &
Industry Ecosystems

  • Alliance Strategy
  • Identify hidden competitor strategies
  • Brand Overlap
  • Marketing and Distribution Networks

Post-Merger Integration

  • Are meaningful links between being made?
  • Who is talking to who?
  • Do we need an integration manager?

Project Management

  • Project Bottlenecks
  • Project Information Flows
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Identify Change Snipers

HR Planning

  • Retirement Planning
  • Turn-over analysis

Workforce Diversity

Identify social patterns affecting networking and connectedness based on social factors such as age, sex, location, etc.

Geographic Networks

  • Retail Sales
  • Commuting Paterns
  • Geographic

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