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By: Permabois  09-12-2011

Grade classification was established in order to standardize the various industrial practices regarding product quality.

PERMABOIS has developed the Selection grade. It highlights wood’s natural characteristics by allowing for a colour variation attributable to the mix of core and sapwood, as well as the presence of knots, minerals and slight natural fissures, all of which provide a highly refined antique feel.

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Oak is a classic, very grained variety which provides a traditional look to any décor. Among the three types of maple, the sugar maple is by far the most widely used. All essences are offered in plank widths of 3 1/4, 4 1/4 and 5 inches. It is also a hard wood, and is used to enhance an antique décor. PERMABOIS only uses yellow birch from Quebec. PERMABOIS only selects red oak.


The advantages of PERMABOIS | Oiled Wood Floors PERMABOIS | Hardwood Flooring

The sides of each plank are oiled, which eliminates the undesirable colour-variation effect created by the spaces between planks that occur with changes in humidity inside the home. PERMABOIS oiled floors let little to no scratches show, and these scratches can be easily repaired on site, without sanding and without causing odours. Oiled floors become more and more resistant and acquire a rich natural patina.