Groupe Meridian Group :: Fire Damage

By: Groupe Meridian  09-12-2011

GROUPE MERIDIAN, leader in fire damage restoration, is equipped for all stages of a rebuild: Demolition, deodorisation, drying, cleaning, evaluation  and repairs.  Our state-of-the-art equipment, experience and skilled staff guarantee that buildings, both residential and commercial, and their contents will be restored quickly and according to the most stringent industry standards. 


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Groupe Meridian Group :: Commercial Losses

To clean the area and allow for the fastest possible resumption of operations in order to minimize if not avoid business losses: This is GROUPE MERIDIAN’s commitment when dealing with commercial losses. Our dehumidifying desiccant equipment allows companies to avoid costly reparations by guaranteeing both the thorough drying of structure and coverings and the salubrity of the area.


Groupe Meridian Group :: Institutions

The controlled use of this equipment in conjunction with the appropriate ventilation ensures the limitation of damages and prevents metal corrosion and the proliferation of bacteria. GROUPE MERIDIAN has at its disposal specialized equipment capable of drying up to 25,000 cubic feet of ambient air per minute in an institutional building.


Groupe Meridian Group :: Water Damage

Infiltrations, ice dams, rain and snowstorms, sewer back-ups, sanitary overflows, pipe breakage, all the events can, in addition to causing visible damages, cause furthur and more serious damage in the form of bacterial contamination and fungi growth. Targeted measures taken by our qualified technicians secure the affected areas and prevent the migration of damages to untouched areas.