Custom and Standard Neon Sign Tubing Colors

By: Lightsources  09-12-2011
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Voltarc customers enjoy the most consistent, even coating, the broadest selection of vibrant neon sign tubing colors, and the most whites, ever developed in the sign industry. With an extensive choice of diameters – in single- or double-coated clear glass – we enable sign-makers to design neon signs and sculpture in a tremendous variety of colors, from pastels to deep, rich shades. And we can always provide custom-tailored phosphor blends designed to meet your unique requirements.

Rotronic Color Guard TM
For consistent color performance and excellent durability, our neon tubing features the proprietary Rotronic Color GuardTM coating process to assure uniformity of coating thickness along the whole length of the tube. Along with our exacting quality control measures, this process ensures high performance and exceptional reliability.

Engineerd to the Highest Standards of Quality
Voltarc’s Single-Coated Tubing is made of clear lead glass and is available in a wide variety of standard and custom colors. Standard colors are available in 4-foot lengths ranging from 8 to 25mm diameters


Double-Coated neon sign tubing

provides the richest, deepest shades available – with one coating to provide the base coating and a second to provide the luminescence. Double-coated tubing is available in 4-foot lengths ranging from 9 to 25mm diameters. 


TriLight TM Neon Sign Tubing

is produced from clear lead glass and coated with three rare earth phosphors (red, blue and green) to produce a truer color rendition and greater light output than standard tubing. It can be operated at higher currents and is usually more stain-resistant than leading alternatives. 

Customization is one of Voltarc’s core competencies - one of the things that we do best. And in critical sign applications, such as very hot or very cold environments, the ability to customize our sign products to meet the specific needs is important. Our

Custom Neon Tubing

uses advanced state-of-the-art technology to match exact color schemes in corporate signage programs. Tubings are available in 4-foot lengths in all standard diameters*. 

Cold Cathode Lamp Blanks
At Voltarc we offer one of the largest selections of cold cathode blanks in the signage industry. Our 8-foot cold cathode blanks are available in all our offered colors as “specials,” with tubing diameters from 18 to 25mm. As all our other products, cold cathode blanks are lead-free. Lead-free glass is not only much stronger and does not blacken, but it is noticeably brighter than lead glass. All other colors are available upon special requests.

Keywords: Neon, Neon Signs, Sign Products, Tubing

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