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By: Collection Gabriella  09-12-2011
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this is our Carlo with one of his handknitted sweaters that fit perfectly, we make them in various sizes even for grate Danes! 

Currently they are available in the colors  natural and black  other colors will follow with a new collection later in the New Year 2010.

the "'lad below is "Cognac" wearing a Black sweater and obviously enyoing it!

Gaby’s collars are pieces of art that practically any dog can wear. They are all handmade. The details on each piece are Gaby’s original design ideas and are hand cut and hand stitched in place. These wonderful collars are custom made to match your large breed pet’s personality. All of the hardware and attachments used is made to last a lifetime. All of the collars have extremely soft leather and skins, or soft cow hide on the inside to provide a nice soft surface that rests against the dog. Very comfy! 1 ¼”" wide.

"Collection Diego"

Keywords: Collars, dog