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By: Lithoservice  09-12-2011
Keywords: Handling Equipment, Printing Press, laser alignment

There are many companies on the market that are able to measure. These are usually companies that specialize in optics. Measurement is their core business.

Litho Service has all those competencies as well, the difference being is that we specialize in lithographic and flexographic printing press alignment, web converting equipment alignment, as well as the alignment of all web processing components and functions.

Other companies will give you data. The physical alignment of the equipment is not part of their expertise. That’s the Litho Service difference. We take the measurements, but we also align the machines.

After we finish our measurements, we provide our clients with a portrait of their current situation. We analyze the data, and provide our client with solutions.

Together we discuss the details of each solution to the alignment problem, and after one solution gets chosen, Litho Service goes ahead with the physical alignment of the web handling and processing equipment. With our method, a client benefits from a turnkey laser alignment service executed by experts in web handling equipment alignment.

It is important to mention that with older presses and web processing equipment, alignment measurement data gathered by experts who don’t specialize in the field might be skewed because the points of references they are using are no longer absolute. This type of web processing equipment experience is just one aspect that makes Litho Service a far wiser and cost efficient choice for precision alignment services than simple measurement firms.

We measure, we give you options, we execute the alignment, and we take responsibility for the results.

We are specialists. If you want the job done right, by experts who understand your reality, from A to Z, trust Litho Service for all your alignment needs.

  • Increase your speed
  • Reduce web breaks
  • Reduce production halt
  • Run at peak efficiency

We don’t give you data points, we give you solutions.

Keywords: Converting Equipment, Handling Equipment, laser alignment, Litho Service, Printing Press, Web Converting,

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