By: IXTROM Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Engineering Systems

IXTROM products are multidisciplinary software focused on the processes, analytic solutions and methodologies that helps organizations to prepare, mitigate, identify, assess, response and recover from multiple events and its impacts, weigh the strengths of potential responses and determine appropriate actions.

IXTROM Group’s approach relies on a relationship of collaboration and bidirectional communication.

We personalize our software according to the customer’s needs – irrespectively of the particular nature of the agency or organization – to ensure satisfaction throughout all processes, while interacting seamlessly with other systems currently present at the organization.

IXTROM structure its Situational Awareness Command and Control software based on three key organizational systems, which are perfectly adapted to the individual needs of each customer:

  • Multiagency Coordination Systems by defining the operating characteristics as a whole, interactive management components, and organizational structure of supporting incident management entities engaged at any level through interconnectivity and Interoperability interests for Emergency Management as well as Business Continuity Planning;
  • Internal and Public Information Systems by referring to processes, manuals, procedures, and systems for communicating timely with any participant, while keeping their own rights and restrictions
  • Incident command system (ICS) by defining the operating characteristics, interactive management components, and structure of incident management and emergency response organizations engaged throughout the life cycle of an incident;

IXTROM engineering systems meets the needs of incidents of any kind or size, and allows personnel from a variety of agencies to join rapidly into a common management structure. It immediately provides logistical and administrative support to management and operational staff, and concurrently is cost effective by avoiding duplication of efforts.

The software systems provides to each entity, a framework that can be leveraged across multiple areas of the organization, while making available a broad base of risk management solutions, throughout the IXTROM Emergency Management and Response Software.

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Keywords: Engineering Systems