GR Innov8ion

By: Gr Innov8ion  09-12-2011

Whatever your needs are, GR INNOV8IONis able to make an action plan, to adapt to your needs and to your budget. Whether it is for a simple consultation or a precise project,
is able to help you with your projects so that your company can take a planned and structured expansion.

Our services in addition to the development of markets cover the following fields:

• Search for potential clients
•Search for products or services
•Search of distributors or representatives
•Market Analysis
•Market Research
•Consultant for a sales team
•Website design
• Corporate brochures & promotional materials
•Business plan development
•Marketing strategy development
•Search for business partners
•Provide tools for start-up companies
•Import value-added products

In addition to the services mentioned above, GR INNOV8ION offers a personalized, professional service based on tangible results.

Principal countries with collaborators:

Canada, United States, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Trinidad, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, France, Algeria, Morocco, Italy.

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