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By: Rh Cabinet Conseil  09-12-2011

Strategic Planning Process

In this step, you will determine the orientations, objectives and how you will achieve your goals. It is crucial for the success of your projects. Mobilize the members of your teams on the alignment of your strategies and tactics.

Staffing Process

Determine the profile and staff in order to achieve the objectives of your strategic plan. This is what it’s all about!

You will be guided to identify key challenges, goals and key actions that are connected to each of these profiles. Then identify and develop a skill matrix for all of your profiles.

Once profiling is done, we will guide you to implement your strategy for recruitment and build your own selection tools. Over ten years of experiences in world-class companies have enabled us to develop a lot of expertise in this area. We will provide effective ways to reach your recruitment goals. If you wish, we will be with you during the interview process.

Orientation Process

How should we welcome newcomers? How important it is to give guidance to your newly recruited team members? By structuring a dynamic orientation process, you can make sure that values, mission, and vision are effectively transmitted to them. Your employees will integrate with your current team members more easily and reach your standards more quickly.

Internal Training Process

At this stage, we will assist you in setting up a structure and tools to guarantee skills transfer. It could be a train-the-trainer session or a tailored training content as well as team coaching: all the tools required to make sure you have skilled team members.

Skills Assessment Process

Is training your new employees enough? How can we make sure the gap between what you expect and what your team members can do is filled? How can we ensure the quality of their actions? A certification process can be an effective solution to achieve your organizational goals. We will guide you in the implementation of the qualification process to maintain or increase the skill level of your employees.

Coaching processes

Now that your structure of skills development is in place, do your managers have the ability to guide your employees this way? Will team leaders be able to implement the principles of effective communication? It is crucial that your teams are mobilized and all speak the same language. Coaching can guide your managers and team leaders in implementing good management practices and skills transfer.

Succession Planning Process

Which team members will retire from your organization in the coming years? Can you identify any critical positions? Who is the successor? So many questions without clear answers! In the province of Quebec, a significant amount of retirement is forecasted for the following years. How can you guide your organisation to deal with these departures?

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Qu’il s’agisse d’une structure de compagnonnage ou d’une structure de coaching interne, nous saurons vous guider dans la mise en place de cette nouvelle structure organisationnelle pour garantir le transfert des compétences à vos nouveaux employés.