Dermolab Pharma

By: Dermolab  09-12-2011

Personalized Service

An overriding commitment to customer satisfaction sets Dermolab Pharma apart. We use an individual approach based on active listening that lets customers become true business partners, working closely together every step of the way from designing to marketing the end product. Through it all, our customers receive unfailingly courteous and attentive service.

Better yet, the company leverages its business relationships with its supplier to provide customers with exclusive natural ingredients that create unique and competition-free product lines.

Unsurpassed Quality

Dermolab Pharma's expertise comes to light in every stage of a project:

Consumers can rely on our strict quality control to systematically maintain the soundness and consistency of our products. This is achieved through unfailing compliance with standards and control procedures in accordance with regulatory requirements:

Wide-ranging Products

Pharmaceutical Products

  • Emulsions, lotions, liquids, creams and ointments with DIN

Natural health products

  • Emulsions, lotions, liquids, plant extract juices (phytotherapy) with PSN
  • Standard botanical extracts
  • Diet products
  • Sports nutrition products
  • Functional drinks


  • Body and facial skin care (bath products, lotions, creams, gels)
  • Baby care products
  • Hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, gels, etc.)
  • Dermoscosmetics
  • Natural and botanical extracts products