Select People Counting Data Analysis Software

By: Infodev  09-12-2011

Infodev Select is the most powerful tool on the market for data analysis and presentation. With Infodev Select we have made the best even better.

We have chosen an open approach, making the data available to other software such as Excel. You are not confined to our software.

Select is also easy to use because all options are presented to the user on the screen.

There are many angles to look at your data, from the very general (totals per week or day) to the very detailed (traffic in 15-minute increments at a chosen entrance). One of our displays shows results superimposed on the building's map.

Depending on the information you want to see, our software can present the data several ways:

  • The table allows you to see your exact traffic numbers and is easily exportable to other software (Excel, Word or others) or a customized report application.
  • The line graph shows trends in your building's traffic.
  • The bar graph lets you easily compare related parts of your data.
  • Select reports let you see a detailed representation of the traffic for one day at one location. You can see the number of people that came in and went out of the building throughout the day, the number of people inside the building at any given time and your customers' length of stay.


  • Eases portfolio analysis and site comparison.
  • Its user-friendliness avoids lengthy training.
  • Imports and processes competitor data.
  • Offers many display types: layout, numbers, line, bar, pie chart.
  • Features new analyses: shopping hours and 3D people inside graphs.
  • Displays many different analyses simultaneously.
  • Win 95, 98, NT, 2000 compatible.


Standard and custom reports available:

  • Visitor figures:
    • Daily.
    • Monthly.
    • Seasonally.
    • For a specific day of the week or month of the year.
  • Visitor / Customer traffic per entrance or location, in a floor map.
  • People inside.
  • Entries and exits (INs and OUTs).
  • Cumulative entries and exits (INs and OUTs).
  • Customer hours / Shopping hours.


Select can be used in all buildings:

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