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By: Sirius Wilderness Medicine  09-12-2011
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GUIDE Suggested retail: $100  
The Guide kit has been designed for professionals and those who venture far away from medical care. The kit contains enough dressing and bandaging materials for a group in addition to top quality stainless utensils.
  • EMT shears - able to cut clothing, laces.
  • Pen light.
  • Tincture of benzoin for adhering dressing to skin.
  • Syringe for wound irrigation - used as a "pressure wash" for wound cleaning.
  • Waterproof dressing - waterproof yet breathable dressing for aquatic environments.
  • Athletic tape - top quality tape for sprains etc.
  • Elastic bandage -7.5cm.
  • Tincture of iodine, 25 ml - wound cleaning and water disinfection.
  • Emergency rescue blanket.

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Keywords: Dressing, Sirius Wilderness Medicine

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