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Specially designed cranes for lifting of heavy turbine assemblies, parts and semi-finished components at machining centers and work station cranes are installed on three operating levels to interactively support the integrated manufacturing process

Demag CoilMaster Crane Provides Multi-Level Stacking in an Automated Coil Storage System

Demag supplied simultaneously controlled (4) DC-Com chain hoists for the precise lifting and positioning of the sections of the train track bed

The Demag double girder overhead traveling crane is "gently" handling heavy steel plates when needed, but also travels fast when required. The customer also depends on a high level of reliability for the crane, which is in continuous operation 24 hours, every day.

A suspension crane system was required for operation in a cheese processing facility to handle 400 lb cheese trays which were lower into a brine solution. The environmental conditions meant that the equipment must be supplied with food grade paint and subject to very high humidity. Overall system height was also critical

A large manufacturer of faucets and valves required their casting machines to be supplied with fresh core sand with a minimum amount of human involvement. These machines were located in a fixed path with 12 defined sand delivery points

Demag 10 Ton DRPRO hoist on a Demag Crane for one of the highest crane applications in the world. The equipment is used for preventive maintenance on an innovative snowmaking installation. The "Snowmaker", supplied by the company IDE Technologies Ltd., produces 3300 cubic feet of artificial snow every day, in high quality and without any chemical additives.

A metal Galvanizing plant needed an Overhead Crane to handle long loads with versatility, speed and precision. The metal tubes would need to be suspended from 2 hoists with the ability to lift each end simultaneously or independently. In addition the load would need to be rotated during the operation and the Hoists and Crane would need to be resistant to the harsh environment

A manufacturer of metal floor decking products and associated metal flashings needed a reliable crane system to be able to handle the production requirement of over 2,500,000 sq feet of metal decking per year

Ink manufacturer Hostmann-Steinberg uses three standard hoists on Demag cranes to transport large bags weighing up to 6000 lb filled with raw materials. This is achieved despite the low ceiling height of the facility.

Demag DR Pro Hoists with Simultaneous and Independent Hoists are the Ideal Solution for Handling Long Materials

Handling steel coils is challenging when the operator would like high lifting speeds combined with safe load spotting.

Installation of front and rear axles at a compact car assembly plant required a custom designed handling system that could safely lift, transfer and manipulate these awkward parts into the correct position for installation. The Solution: A custom designed air powered manipulator arm was designed and suspended from a KBK ERGO Enclosed Track Double Girder Crane.

A manufacturer was looking for a way to increase the throughput of boiler tanks through the surface treatment process, without a large increase in manpower. At the same time gentle, precise handling was required to reduce the risk of product damage. A KBK IIR Loop Monorail System was installed with 14 individual hoist/trolley units. The cured track profiles allow the monorail to wind through the complex layout of the surface treatment line.

Automobile manufacturer Nissan needed a way to safely move engine blocks into position for machining. To meet peak production requirements the ability to handle up to 18 blocks at the same time was required.

A parts manufacturer needed a way to quickly and carefully transfer parts up to 500 lbs. through a multi-stage dip tank sequence without suffering damage. Operator safety and ergonomics throughout this operation were top priority. The Solution: By using a combination of Straight Track, Curved Track, Track Switches and Turntables, a multi-branch monorail system capable of servicing all tanks was installed.

In 1990, 275,000 passengers passed through the Leipzig/Hall Airport in Germany, by 1995 that number had grown to 2 million and today more than 4.5 million passengers per year utilize this hub. A DEMAG ALU Enclosed Track Single Girder Crane with a High Speed Rocker Switch style hoist was installed along the sides of a 75' long oval conveyer belt. The 13' lightweight Aluminum Crane Girders allow the bags to be moved from conveyer to cart with minimum effort.

A manufacturer in the semi-conductor industry entered into a new line of business that required components to be assembled in a class 10000 clean room. Since some bundles weighed in excess of 4000 lbs., a method of safely and carefully moving these within the room was needed. A DEMAG KBK Enclosed Track Double Girder Crane with a lifting capacity of 4400 lbs was selected for this task.

Waste water treatment facilities are extremely demanding on their equipment resulting in a real mess if the equipment is down for an extended period of time. The Demag KBK Internal Busbar track offered the perfect solution. The location of the loading dock made it difficult to unload the two ton pumps from the service trucks. In addition, the available space made it impossible to remove, negotiate and enter the equipment repair room with a fork truck. The Demag KBK overhead monorail extended over the service truck and in conjunction with the 2 speed Demag chain hoist made it easy to position the unit over the load and drive it to one of four repair benches.

Bundles of individual magazine pages are transferred from a pallet to a "stitching machine". They are then properly sequenced and stapled together to create the magazine. The equipment selected for this task was a Demag ALU (Aluminum Enclosed Track Crane System suspended from the existing building structure.

Installing 45 lb. crankshafts into an engine block requires gentle handling and precision. The crankshaft has to be removed from the racks and placed very carefully in the engine block on the conveyer; otherwise the support bearing can be damaged. The equipment selected for this task was an Enclosed Track Crane System & "smart" Balancer. The design features of the track allow the crane to be moved with minimum effort into the exact position required.

The Operation of lifting a truck cab and "marrying" it on the chassis required a very specialized system. An Enclosed Track monorail with 5 tractor driven hoist trolley unites was selected. The monorail system incorporates several track switches and branch tracks.

A workstation that handles a wide variety of parts required a flexible material handling system that could be suspended from existing building steel. A Crane system with a single girder Enclosed Track Bridge was selected.

Efficient logistics in coil stores

Automated logistics in the steel coil store of a cold-rolled strip manufacturer


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