What is Europe’s REACH legislation?

What is Europe’s REACH legislation? from Atrion International

By: Atrion International  11-05-2010
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In 2003, the European Commission proposed the adoption of an ambitious new regulation – Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH). REACH was designed to regulate the manufacture, import, marketing and use of chemicals and its objective is to protect human health and the environment from potential chemical risks. 

With REACH, manufacturers and importers are required to have a thorough knowledge of every substance used in the manufacture of an article or preparation. This means that the manufacturer needs to know whether their upstream suppliers have registered or intend to register any substance subject to REACH used in quantities over 1 ton. If a supplier has not registered, then the manufacturer will have to register if it wants to continue using the substance. Manufacturers also need to communicate with downstream users to understand how their products are used and provide appropriate safety information. 

Because REACH is a substance-based legislation, organizations must now be aware of the REACH registration status of all substances present in raw materials, including substances that are manufactured further upstream in the supply chain.  In addition, they also must be aware of who has purchased their products so that information and safety precautions regarding hazardous materials may be passed on.
Atrion International helps companies meet REACH legislation requirements by providing software and services that ensure product compliance and enable the generation of rules-based regulatory documents. At the core of Atrion’s Product Compliance Solution lies the regulatory compliance engine that includes functionalities like the generation of a 'use based' extended REACH Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in multiple languages eliminating the need to re-enter the 'hazard' and 'exposure' profile of every product.

To ensure consistency between substance data submitted for registration and information communicated in the supply chain on the REACH eSDS, Atrion’s bi-directional data exchange interface with IUCLID 5 “REACHexchange®” is available.

Atrion also offers REACHtracker™ to enable companies automate communications with their supply chain, both upstream and downstream. The solution includes tools that help analyze ‘supplier registration intentions’ and ‘customer uses’ to determine the effect REACH will have on their product line.
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