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By: Acquisio  09-12-2011

Acquisio Keeps Hot Leads Hot with Display Retargeting Technology

In advertising, we often talk about leads by how “hot” or “cold” they are. “Hot” leads are those that seem ready to buy right now, while cold leads are those that will need plenty of nudging and nurturing before they make a purchase. And when it comes to hot leads, marketers agree that there are fewer leads that are as hot as a customer who is on your website searching for a product or service you offer.

Display Retargeting Gives Marketers Another Chance to Convert
The described above is one that happens hundreds of thousands of times a day to companies across the globe. And smart display advertising, to be offered through the Acquisio Performance Media Platform in early Q1 2011, will offer marketers a second (and third and fourth and fifth) chance to turn a window shopper into a buyer.
Using the Acquisio platform, marketers will be able to take advantage of display retargeting, allowing you to put your brand, your offers and even your specific products back in front of visitors who have indicated their interest. Because you will be able to retarget ads to your traffic on millions of websites across multiple ad exchanges, you'll have the best chance possible to recapture your hot lead's interest and conversion.

Free Ad Server Gives Acquisio Clients Competitive Edge
Acquisio clients will also have access to a free ad server beginning in early Q1 2011. Using Acquisio's ad server technology will let marketers and agencies optimize, bulk edit, and track all ads on the Acquisio platform, even if you purchased the ads directly from other ad networks or publishers. As a result, you'll be able to use Acquisio's industry-leading technology to track your ad impressions, clicks, page views, conversions and revenue across channels, including display, search, social, and others. In essence, you'll have a single place from which to manage all campaign purchasing and creative elements, without needing to log into another application or struggling to compare disparate data from standalone programs.

Check out exactly how Acquisio’s display retargeting functionality will keep your hot leads hot, or request a live demo to see how Acquisio’s retargeting can get your client’s products back in front of visitors who are ready to buy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could track and compare all of your display ads in one place rather than having to log into separate platforms and cobble together data? And how about being able to compare your display performance against other channels? Now you can. Acquisio now features ad serving technology that allows you to track and report on display campaigns purchased through our network or any other third-party network or publisher. This means you can see the overall impact that your display ads have on each other and on other channels, including search and social media, so you can make the most of your client’s marketing dollars.

Day-to-day management
Acquisio's display partner, The Trade Desk, focuses on buying Real Time Bidding (RTB) inventory, the most effective way to buy display media. Due to the complexity of display, The Trade Desk offers a hybrid service model to Acquisio clients that give your campaigns both the sophistication and ease of a managed service with the control and transparency of a self serve platform. Access to real time reporting enables you to manage the campaign from a macro level, while The Trade Desk system works at fine tuning optimization across hundreds of variables and data points. The Trade Desk invests heavily in providing service and support and has the most experienced media buyers in the industry working on behalf of our clients.

Automation and Optimization
Acquisio clients simply enter their campaign parameters and let The Trade Desk's technology and expert media buyers do the rest. The Trade Desk optimizes towards an advertiser's objectives and target audience by looking at multiple data points, including: demographics, geography, behavior targeting, frequency capping, and site data. Based on these data points, the system determines the right bid for each vertical, audience, and placement type. Other variables such as session depth and the recency of search data allows for an unprecedented level of precision pricing for each impression. The Trade Desk continually optimizes campaigns as it collects performance data from its media buying.

We help clients buy media more effectively by leveraging data during the buying process. A common example is retargeting campaigns that allow you to target missed conversion opportunities while users visit other sites. We enable you to tag and track every event from ad views to page views to conversions. Last-click attribution is a thing of the past; we give you the ability to measure performance across channels, giving you a unified view of the entire sales funnel. We do this at the user level, giving your campaigns the most granular degree of insights and enabling intelligent buying decisions across search, social, and display.

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Using the Acquisio platform, marketers will be able to utilize the power of Acquisio's scientifically-created attribution models to better understand your clients' Facebook advertising expenditures against other forms of advertising, including display and search.