Dedo Classic

By: Psm  09-12-2011

Available in color or black and white, Dedo Classic portraits by PSM come in oval only. Founded in Chicago in 1893, the J.A. Dedouch Company was the first of its kind in North America, and was acquired by PSM in 2004. This way, products which have been available to generations of the past continue to be for those of the future.

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Dedo Classique

Acquise en 2004 par PSM, les photos ainsi que les câdres et couvercles, offerts depuis de générations, demeurent disponibles pour les générations futures. En couleur ou en noir et blanc, les Dedo Classiques de PSM sont disponibles en format ovale seulement. La compagnie J.A. Dedouch, fondée à Chicago en 1893, fut la première de son genre en Amérique du Nord.



Remember your loved ones by having a picture placed on their memorial and make them live in the minds of future generations. Your beautiful memento can further be enhanced with an open or covered bronze frame. Available in color or black and white, PSM portraits come in many shapes and sizes. Have your favorite photograph permanently transferred onto a porcelain plaque. Pictures will always bring back beautiful memories.



PSM offers a bronze collection for every taste: from the contemporary lines of the Isabella Collection to the Old-world charm of the Renaissance Collection and the traditional Dedo Collection, well-appreciated for over 75 years, all PSM bronze pieces are fully-cast, solid bronze. With a wide array of appliqués and a selection of pieces available in chrome finish, PSM bronze accents are the perfect addition to your cherished memento.



Ceramics can be installed by using either the 3M VHB tape or using epoxy in a sandblasted recess; Dedo Classics can be installed by using either the Jadco Fastening System, or using epoxy in a sandblasted recess. Depending on the product to be installed, a number of ways can be used to install your portrait.



The Ceramic is a 100% porcelain tablet onto which pigments have been fired at over 800°C in order to insure image permanence. Available in 16 shapes and sizes.