By: CIS Group  06-01-2011
Keywords: Bus Transportation, Payroll Software, Payroll Management

CIS Pay® is a software solution for the efficient management of wages.  This application interfaces with other accounting systems, streamlining the flow of information. CIS Pay® also supports the upload of data received from electronic time clocks systems. Configuring automatic calculations and criteria significantly reduces data entry time as well as errors. Companies outsourcing payroll processing usually achieve ROI (return on investment) in a very short amount of time. CIS Pay® allows you to easily transfer forms and statements via Internet, significantly reducing administrative work. The solution offers various annual and monthly reports that can be personalized as needed. Some of the reports available are: pay ledger by employee, summary of entries by category (period, employee), multiple pay slip models, analysis by department, monthly contribution, deductions by province, expense report (TP-66 and TL2F) and more.

Keywords: Accounting and Financial Management, Bus Transportation, Payroll Management, Payroll Software,