By: Soucy Group  09-12-2011

Equipped with numeric lathes and CNC machining centers, Soucy Rivalair Inc. has become a master in machining of small and medium size parts in big volumes. 

It is also equipped with multi-spindle mechanical screw machines to produce large quantities of small parts, as well as two CNC Swiss type screw machines for high precision parts of up to 1¼" in diameter.

Soucy International Inc., metal division
Our custom machining division is specialised in the fabrication of compression molds used in both plastic and rubber industries. We are also providing dies for the stamping industry.

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We pride ourselves on the strong relationship we have with each of them and we continually strive to meet and surpass their expectations. Our customers are some of the largest Original Equipment Manufacturers in each of these segments. The Soucy Group is active in six main sectors of activity:,,,, and.



The technical team can provide support ranging from new product design to cost reduction projects. Its expertise includes knowledge of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Groupe Soucy | Rubber Molding | Snow plow (sprocket) | Soucy International

All the production equipment of rubber tracks are conceived by our own internal experienced engineers in accordance with quality requirements and productivity, among the highest of the industry. Rubber division The molding processes of Soucy rubber products are in the leading edge of technology.


Plastic Molding

Thermoforming divisionThe thermoforming processes currently used in our facilities are drape forming and male/female moulding. It also allows us to use a vast array of plastic material and supply components for various applications. UHMWPE has both the highest abrasion resistance and highest impact strength of any plastic.


Rubber Compounding

Rubber compounds mixed in this fashion are able, after vulcanization, to meet or exceed all requirements of physical properties as well as resistance to environmental factors such as ozone and ultraviolet attack, resistance to specific fluids and chemicals if required, and perform virtually as new for an extended period of time.