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By: Synagri  09-12-2011

Veris 3100 measures soil electrical conductivity, that is, the soil`s ability to carry an electric charge. Soil electrical conductivity depends on soil texture, organic properties, pH level, and compaction.

Electrical conduction analysis identifies areas of contrasting soil properties and recommends appropriate corrective solutions.

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Information provided by the soil electrical conductivity charts are used for reconnaissance and delineate the problematic zones caused by, among other things, soil compaction at the surface and at deeper levels.

Data gathered using the Veris 3100 also serve to establish sampling methods for GPS analysis by focussing on specific sites rather than using a grid pattern. The soil`s elements contribute greatly in defining the soil`s type, its biological condition (organic material), its physical (compaction) and chemical (pH) aspects, which all play a role in the soil`s electrical conductivity.

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