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By: Synagri  09-12-2011

Our crop-nutrition programs are much more than a line of high-quality fertilizers. They are a way of approaching crop nutrition by addressing the specific needs of each crop and taking into account the specific properties of each field.

The objective of the 3 and 5-star crop-nutrition programs is to achieve optimal economic performance in the short term. It means sustaining crop growth and soil fertility at their current levels. The recommendations contained in the 3 and 5-star programs are not designed to enrich soil.

In the case of insufficiently fertile soil, a soil-fertility adjustment program with its properties and capacities should be included along with the recommendations of the 3 and 5-star programs to increase, over time, the production power of the soil and its long-term economic performance potential.

In accordance with carefully interpreted soil-analysis data and crop needs, crop-production advisors at Synagri can leverage their expertise and powerful specialized software applications to develop a custom crop-nutrition program. All major, secondary, and minor nutrients needed for optimal crop growth are considered and integrated within the 3 and 5-star programs in accordance with crop needs and the soil`s production capacity.


Overview of recent enhancements

The ways and means of creating 3 and 5-star crop-nutrition programs and nutrient bases have undergone major changes in recent years -- in order to boost their yield.


DAP is used for all 3-star formulations; and MAP for all 5-star formulations.


The Formulator produces unique 3 and 5-star formulations that respond to the specific needs of each crop and each field.

Needs are calculated based on surface area rather than weight.

MAP is used exclusively for all 3 and 5-star formulations.


A minimum acid value is set and MAP sets the acid-generating potential to be complemented, as required, with ammonium sulphate.


MES is used exclusively as a substitute for MAP for all 3 and 5-star formulations.

Magnesium and calcium are no longer compulsory in 3-star formulations and are added as needed in accordance with soil analyses.

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Synagri - veris

Information provided by the soil electrical conductivity charts are used for reconnaissance and delineate the problematic zones caused by, among other things, soil compaction at the surface and at deeper levels. Data gathered using the Veris 3100 also serve to establish sampling methods for GPS analysis by focussing on specific sites rather than using a grid pattern.


Synagri - n sensor

Le N-Sensor mesure la demande d'azote de la plante, calcule le taux optimal d'application d'azote et transmet immédiatement cette information à un contrôleur dont est équipé l'applicateur d'azote et ainsi répondre aux besoins réels en azote des cultures en temps réel.


Synagri - cartographie

Les niveaux de richesse des diverses parties d'un même champ sont évalués de façon précise grâce à plusieurs paramètres physico-chimiques pour amener le producteur à faire des interventions au champ qui sont viables du point de vue économique.