By: Probeam  09-12-2011

PRODEVCO Industries introduces a new robotic Beam cutting and scribing equipment for the Steel Fabricator Industry. Combining 3D vision with a robot armed with high definition plasma cutting, this fully integrated system offers an innovative answer to not only to cut on all 4 faces of beams, no matter what form (H beams, channels, HSS, angle & tube).  PCR42-A can but also treat a large spectrum of data format such as: (DSTV,  CIS/2, SDS/2, StruCad and Tekla). This all-in-one machine can cut holes or notches, cope and scribe, even with complex miter or compound angle cuts. A laser-based precision depth monitoring system ensures proper work on any material type, conditions, or thickness, even if the beam is cambered, bent or otherwise deviates.

PCR42-A   is the answer to the Steel Industry!  Challenge us to find you a solution!