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By: Osi Machine  09-12-2011
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Intelligent wood processing equipment
at your fingertips

There is a better way. OSI Wood Machinerie delivers and deploys the most advanced wood processing equipment available on the market today.

In the past, you always had to manage the delicate balance between workflow productivity and product quality. But with OSI Wood Machinerie, you can enhance your ability to do both! We have our very own, full-fledged machining department, which enables us to completely manage the precision of our equipment—so that you can fully control the quality of the products you produce and optimize the use of raw materials.What’s more: our equipment is renowned in the industry for its sturdiness, which ensures better stability and accuracy. Ultimately, sturdier equipment extends their useful life. Less maintenance and downtimes!

Advanced manufacturing equipment
to boost productivity and product quality

  • Self-centering planer
    A market first! Our revolutionary self-centering planer makes optimal use of every single board, significantly reducing waste. It will remove the same thickness on both material surfaces. This patented concept eliminates jamming and profit-gouging downtimes.
  • Flooring machines
    New to the hardwood floor industry, our flooring machines provide optimum accuracy, minimum adjustments, and increased production speed, regardless of the wood planks’ sizes.
  • Smartkut
    Precise, rapid-fire fast, and the most robust on the market, the Smartkut does not mark wood planks, establishing a level of product quality that surpasses customer expectations. It can process even the shortest of material.
  • End-matchers
    Reliable, sturdy, and offering easy maintenance, our end-matchers produce highly accurate tongue and groove hardwood flooring.

Material handling equipment to optimize
production and decrease costs

  • Batch feeders
    Combined with a self-centering planer, our batch feeders simplify your operators’ work and optimize your team’s overall productivity.
  • Side-matcher infeed systems
    Our side matchers’ infeed systems ensure a steady flow of wood planks, while reducing potential blocking in the system. Our systems help operators to optimize their work, reduce material waste, and increase yield throughput.
  • Vacuum board dealers
    Our vacuum board dealers provide lightning-fast efficiency for high production levels—even those exceeding 150 pieces per minute. These dealers boast sophisticated features that optimize board grading.
  • Grading, nesting, and packaging systems
    Equipped with sophisticated control features, our intelligent systems provide headache-free solutions to sorting, nesting, and packaging boards according to their grades.
  • Handling for pre-finishing lines
    Our infeed and outfeed systems for prefinishing lines help to monitor and improve product quality. Operators spend more time on the caliber of your products and less time on non-value-added work, such as material handling!

Keywords: Equipment, Material Handling, Packaging Systems, Wood, Wood Processing

Other products and services from Osi Machine


Side-matcher infeed systems

Incomparably sturdy, these side-matcher infeed systems optimize your production line by ensuring a steady flow of wood planks, optimizing your overall production plant efficiency. They are designed to automate the process of feeding side-matchers, allowing your team to work on more worthwhile tasks that positively impact your bottom line.


Self-centering planer

Used before kilns and scanners even after a ripsaw, OSI Wood Machinerie’s revolutionary self-centering planer is your key to maximizing raw material yield, decreasing costs, and increasing overall product quality. It also features a unique batch feeding function that increases output, reducing required feed speeds, improving surface quality, and preventing early planer knife wear.



From the design of custom-made equipment to repairs and maintenance to installation and training, OSI Wood Machinerie offers end-to-end services for all your production plant needs. OSI Wood Machinerie - Wood flooring machinery for wood processing industry - End-to-end services for wood flooring production needs - Design of custom-made equipment.


Flooring machines

Whereas with other, more traditional means of molding hardwood floors with just one machine, OSI Wood Machinerie breaks with tradition and separates the molding process into separate components. Working together within our revolutionary SmartSwitch system, our flooring machines will drastically improve the way you manufacture hardwood flooring.



More features to ensure unparalleled product quality include: saw motors with adjustment increments and precision locks as accurate as 0.0001” and closed-circuit cooling systems that stabilize the temperature of fixed presser plates under intensive use.


Packaging systems

Equipped with a programmable control system and components, such as a touchscreen for the operator to change types of production by simply choosing a preset menu, and a modem for remote technical assistance, our systems can produce production reports by operator, species, grade, or production period.


Vacuum board dealers

While offering perfect distribution on your production line, our vacuum board dealers also offer advanced features to facilitate and optimize board grading, guaranteeing faster production times and consistent product quality. Thanks to the equipment’s sophisticated pick-up-and-release system, you can be sure that you make optimal use of every single board, every single time.