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By: Music Media Factory  09-12-2011
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The following services are provided within the scope of our promotion agreements. We are in touch with all outlets of the music industry in one facet or another. We will only provide promotion for artist and or label material that we deem saleable and chart worthy.

  • Radio promotion
  • Online promotion (see more details below)
  • Music distribution

As stated above if after your material is evaluated by our staff, and we feel the material is capable of selling enough units for you to regain your investment, and also for the product to chart, we will inform you of such. Contracts are only issued on work that we consider to have quality value and high performance units production, or another value of uniqueness or novelty desirability.

This will sky rocket your traffic three-fold and help you get more fans and more sales! It doesn't matter if you are a new or established artist. Listed below are the options this package includes along with why you need each "service" in the Musician Marketing Package. There are benefits among using each of these services individually. But, using them altogether for the same site will give you amazing results! These are the same tactics that we use for many top charting artists; we can help provide that same service to you.

  • Relevant Articles plus Distribution to hundreds of websites online. What is Article Marketing? Article Marketing is all about backlinks and getting fans, quality visitors, to get to know you. If you do article marketing you can get your website to the first pages of the engines - which are THE most important place to be. We write the content with the keywords selected with the client, and distribute the articles to hundreds of websites across the Internet. This boosts the artist's website SERPs (search engine results pages). The article contains a resource box which will contain the artists anchor text and URL. This article will also include an html code that will let other people place the content on their websites and blogs. Articles are 450+ words long.
  • Relevant Blogs - Creation of the blog content, the blog website account, and posting of the blogs. What is the purpose of Content Creation & Blogs? This is specifically for artists that have blogs and want to bring fans not only to the blog, but to their website as well. As well as using content for reading purposes, the blog content can also bring in quality traffic by using keywords and hyperlinks in the content. This gets picked up by the search engines when they "crawl" or "spyder" the web page. So this is readable by engines and by people. If the artist does NOT have a wordpress or blogger site, we will create one for them and post the content as well. Blogs are 200-250 words long. Keyword enriched.
  • Relevant posts on Twitter and relevant posts on Facebook - Don't have a Twitter account? No problem! We will set one up for you. Why is Social Networking so important? Social Marketing has ALWAYS been a big part of marketing your talent. However, some people simply do not take the time or have the time to post on these two VERY popular websites. It is essential that they find a way to go about this or find someone that can do it for them. So, we offer an account creation, posting, quality friend adding, and option in the package. This is like marketing your music for free - there are so many people you can reach on these two websites! Your account posts can be personable, business-like, and fun; it can include links to your website, blog, etc. The point here is to get people to notice your music and interest them in what you are doing!
  • Relevant post on ALL the popular Social Bookmarking websites. Includes; Digg, Stumbleupon, Yahoo Buzz, Gmail Buzz, Reddit,, Propeller, etc. How can Social Bookmarking help me promote my music? Like the name says, this is a "bookmarking" service. This allows us to create an account for the client and post to various social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, Yahoo Buzz, Gmail Buzz, Reddit,, Propeller, etc. It is simply another way to get backlinks and raise your web presence so people know that you exist. Without backlinks, no one knows you are alive! The ones that are taken down, not indexed yet, or not "validated" yet by the websites are made up by the dozen or extra posts we do.
  • Relevant video on YouTube with ALL the customizations you need - your artist name, link, features, benefits, etc. How does a video help my website? People are ALL about visualizations. In the same way that your website should be "read-able", and your design should be visually stimulating, a video featuring your music with its benefits is going to tantalize people into wanting to buy your music or merchandise. Think about the way commercials on TV have become such a popular way to advertise.

We offer 4 packages. Each package contains different number of posts, friends, etc. We also offer a discount for extended period of time. All our packages are based on monthly numbers.

Bronze Music Marketing Package - $500 per month / $2,750 per 6 months / $5,000 per year

  • 5 article
  • 100 blog posts
  • 100 Twitter posts
  • 100 Facebook posts
  • 10 social bookmarks
  • 3 video post
  • 100 new followers on twitter
  • 100 new fans on Facebook

Silver Music Marketing Package - $1,000 per month / $5,500 per 6 months / $10,000 per year

  • 10 article
  • 200 blog posts
  • 200 Twitter posts
  • 200 Facebook posts
  • 20 social bookmarks
  • 6 video post
  • 200 new followers on twitter
  • 200 new fans on Facebook

Gold Music Marketing Package - $2,500 per month / $14,000 per 6 months / $27,000 per year

  • 30 article
  • 600 blog posts
  • 600 Twitter posts
  • 600 Facebook posts
  • 60 social bookmarks
  • 18 video post
  • 600 new followers on twitter
  • 600 new friends on Facebook

Platinum Music Marketing Package - $5,000 per month / $27,500 per 6 months / $50,000 per year

  • 90 article
  • 1800 blog posts
  • 1800 Twitter posts
  • 1800 Facebook posts
  • 600 social bookmarks
  • 54 video post
  • 1800 followers on twitter
  • 1800 friends on Facebook
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: artists, Music Industry, Posts

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