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By: Airpro Gyro  09-12-2011
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Welcome to Air Pro Gyro, the Canadian leader in gyroplane training and Auto-Gyro GmbH agent for Canada.

The story of gyroplane begins January 9th, 1923. On this day, the inventor of the gyroplane, Juan de la Cierva flew his invention for the first time publicly, the Spanish army was impressed.

Unlike the use of active rotor like helicopters, he invented the process of autorotation, which proved a revolution in aviation.

Like previous versions of gyroplane, the engine works the propellers (not the rotor).  The rotors use the airflow to maintain rotation while in flight. It is this self rotation that generates the dynamism of the gyroplane.

The conic effect of the rotor allows the gyroplane to be stable in flight by minimizing the effect of turbulence.

Gyroplane can now fly in high winds and fairly turbulent conditions. It can be used all year long.

In case of engine failure, the gyroplane will glide and slowly lose altitude. It will remain fully maneuverable and will be able to make a controlled landing.

You can read here the main advantages of gyroplanes compared with small/ultra-light aircraft and helicopters:

  • Gyroplane do not stall at slow speed
  • Very short distance required for takeoff, between 10 and 70 meters
  • Almost no distance required to land ( between 0 and 5 meters)
  • It is possible to fly at very low speed and maintain altitude
  • Preparation time before take-off is minimal
  • Because of its small size, it is easy to store in hangar ( 6 gyroplane will fit where only one plane can)
  • Comfort and safety even in times of turbulence
  • Comfortable seats with its thoughtful and ergonomically designed
  • A broad range of speed is possible
  • Confortable avec ses sièges réfléchis et concûs de façon ergonomique
  • A fraction of the cost of acquiring and operating a helicopter

Gyroplane videos

You want to a gyroplane in action?

Imagine yourself up in one!!

Warning some scenes could give you the desire to fly

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