ISA Automation

By: Isa Automation  09-12-2011

GestionPO is a purchasing software. It module perfectly within Orkest Suite: dynamically linked with estimating software so you can buy by drag&drop operation. What's magical ? By doing so, with nothing else done, estimating is knowing what's bought on their contract, know when, how much, if received, if shipped to site and so on directly within estimation. No needs for them to learn other soft: they handle one soft and that soft is handling the rest. Purchaser are then doing what they expert on: purchasing. On standard system, concerned people are site working: they install what purchaser is buying but they are also the forgotten people. Our vision: concerned people are knowing forcast stock site receiving so they can schedule. This is handle with our OrKest Suite.

We have developed a product for estimation called AcCES: it is sure designed for estimating but also to link to purchasing and site managing. Its interface involve freeness in conception. No "has to find it in a billions's table data items". You need something special ? Create it live. You need something more usual for you specific business ? Make it available by building your personalized easy access catalog. You're working frequently for same customer / engineer firm / architect ? Make a reference quote with assemblies and optimize your expertize! With our vision, estimator is aware of what's going on purchasing/receiving/shipping and, most important, field's manager also.

  OrKest is a specialized project managemen soft. It is inovating by it approach: nothing is true if it does not start with worker's timesheets. Workers knowledge is the baseline. Our vision is simple: workers are the ones knowing what's done and managers are the one who wants to know! Starting properly with "workers understandable" timesheets, Orkest is enabling most on-site paper work as Extra timesheet, progress report, "on much it will cost the way it is going now" report, site billing summary, calendar spread reports. Dynamically linked to GestionPO (purchasing) and AcCES (Estimating), OrKest is your best site managing software solution. It is based on more than 18 years of real live contractor situations. Give us a call !