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By: Cyanco  09-12-2011
Keywords: Acid

Solid to Liquid Systems (SLS)

  • Returnable packaging
  • No disposal of empty packagings
  • Made to liquid form on site
  • Minimum handling
  • Higher safety standard
  • Savings as fewer shipments
  • Safest means of transportation

Cyanide Control Systems (CCS)

Cyanco has developed a Cyanide Control System (CCS) for the semi-continuous free cyanide analyses coupled with the automatic dosage of the cyanide solution.


  • Reduced CN consumption (e.g. 7 % - 25 %)
  • Uniform CN levels
  • Reduction of CN concentration in tailings
  • Reduces manual sampling and analysis
  • Typically viable >/= 500 tpa NaCN

Peroxide Assisted Leach (PAL)

Typically 5 % on 3 g Au%t ore, $400%oz. Au

  • Increased gold extraction
  • Cyanide saving (0-0,25 kg%t ore)
  • Accelerated leach kinetics
  • Higher dissolved oxygen in leach

Cyanco has developed the Oxitrol On-line CNWAD for the continuous analysis of weak acid dissociable cyanide, which can be coupled with the automatic dosage of the cyanide detoxification reagents.

Cold Caro's Acid

Cold Caro's Acid

Cyanco has the technology and the equipment to handle virtually any effluent where oxidation is required.

  • CombinOx
  • Caro's Acid
  • SO2 % Air
  • H2O2 Based

Hot Caro's Acid

Hot Caro's Acid

Though not shown, the CombinOx Process is a patented process combining some of the best of these technologies.

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Keywords: Acid

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