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By: Vta Software  09-12-2011

Run OS/VS COBOL programs in CICS/TS 3.1 and above

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VS/Cobol Interpreter allows programs written and compiled with OS/VS COBOL to execute in CICS Transaction Server 3.1 and above. No program changes or recompiles are required. Continue to seamlessly run your OS/VS COBOL programs in CICS TS V3.1 (and above).

When activated, VS/Cobol Interpreter automatically intercepts OS/VS COBOL programs and provides the necessary environment for them to function properly in CICS Transaction Server 3 or 4.

With the “Automatic program detection” feature of VCI, programs written in OS/VS COBOL are automatically included and handled by the software. If this option is not specified, users must customize an include list to select OS/VS COBOL programs processed by VCI. Generic and character masking features are available to control inclusion and exclusion of programs from the VCI process.

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CICS' journal facility provides the data, but it is each installation's responsibility to have computer disaster recovery plans with recovery programs for each VSAM file updated by CICS. Has a scan function which tells you the number of journal records which apply to each file, eliminating the guesswork about the contents of your various journal files.


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Environmental considerations: For z/OS environments, MBC runs in CICS TS 1.3 and above.For VSE, MBC runs in CICS TS 1.1 and above environment, and requires either 's or 's TCP/IP stack.Note: For z/OS environments, cross-system EXCI requires a SYSPLEX.


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If your software budget is being cut or you are being asked to pay a large sum of money simply to continue using an already licensed product on a new CPU, consider replacing the existing product with a MacKinney product. We participate in IBM's Early Test Programs and Technical Disclosure Meetings to ensure our products are compatible with new versions of z/OS, VSE and CICS as they become generally available from IBM.