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By: Simms  09-12-2011

Our Toll free 1-800 number goes directly to our SIMMS Help Desk Analysts. SIMMS Support Technicians are available to answer questions and resolve service requests promptly.

At SIMMS, we are committed to continuously looking at the customer experience to help us provide ongoing service enhancements. We ask our customers to provide feedback about the ease of reaching us for service, response time, our technical competency, the effectiveness of our resolution, professionalism, and the quality of our services. We analyze and trend feedback results so we can increase the quality of our support.

Our goal is to provide you with a higher standard of service and to achieve maximum system availability and performance, which are critical for the success of your business and the provision of excellent patient care.

Other products and services from Simms

09-12-2011 | Training

The training program is intended for all users of diagnostic imaging facility, including receptionists, technologists, radiologists, transcriptionists, back office, system administrator, and managers. SIMMS Training specialists work closely with clinic staff members to establish the training program phases and the schedule.

09-12-2011 | Enterprise

SIMMS Enterprise combines a number of unique modules that help streamline radiology workflow and provide the radiologist as well as referring physicians with real-time access to critical information, driving better service and time sensitive results.

09-12-2011 | Integration Management

Our staff of healthcare IT strategists, hands-on engineers, application specialists and consultants will help clinic administrators define new business processing and procedures, evaluate and deploy new technologies, and successfully market your new technologies to your customers.