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By: Simms  09-12-2011
Keywords: Patient Care, Diagnostic Imaging, Diagnostic Imaging Facilities

SIMMS Enterprise provides clinics, hospitals and diagnostic imaging facilities with the best in image and information management solutions. SIMMS Enterprise vast capabilities are designed to provide more effective health care services, while reducing overhead and operating costs, and improving clinical workflow.

Designed for easy deployment, simple administration, and maximum reliability, SIMMS Enterprise offers a number of benefits to the healthcare facility:

 Enhanced Patient Care
Today, Radiologists are faced with the need to deliver superior and timely patient care in a cost-effective manner. SIMMS Enterprise combines a number of unique modules that help streamline radiology workflow and provide the radiologist as well as referring physicians with real-time access to critical information, driving better service and time sensitive results.

Premium service to the referring physician community
Increasingly, physicians require fast access to patient information and medical studies. Operating as a true web-based solution, SIMMS Enterprise significantly improves an imaging center's ability to communicate with referring physicians. Physicians and other caregivers can instantaneously access a complete patient record, including clinical data, medical records and clinical images, using a single, comprehensive online solution. The result is flexibility for the specialist to work at any location, and expedite service to referring physicians.

Cost Savings
Health care systems around the world are under enormous pressure to improve efficiency and quality of care while containing or reducing costs. SIMMS Enterprise has great potential to help resolve this dilemma. Because SIMMS solutions handle digital studies electronically, imaging departments can eliminate costs, delays, lost files and errors associated with films and manual handling. SIMMS Enterprise helps deliver more effective health care services with lower operating costs.

Unique advantages of SIMMS Enterprise:

No heavy capital investment required
One of the impediments in the adoption of digital environment by many imaging centers is the high cost of PACS, RIS, and digital equipment. SIMMS offers an affordable, cost-effective solution, which is workflow driven and purpose specific for the imaging center environment.

No need for in-house IT support
Most PACS systems require constant administration, servicing, general purpose server and support systems maintenance, posing significant workloads for lightly staffed facilities.  SIMMS acts as a service provider of SIMMS Enterprise, and manages all related activities to ensure that the system is always accessible and functional.

Offers distinct competitive advantage
Productivity and efficiency are top priorities for imaging centers and community hospitals. SIMMS Enterprise offers diagnostic facilities a number of significant benefits that help grow the business, by increasing productivity and service quality to win over competition. SIMMS helps to establish and maintain solid relationships with physicians and patients, driving better clinical and financial outcomes.

Keywords: Diagnostic Imaging, Diagnostic Imaging Facilities, Patient Care,

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We ask our customers to provide feedback about the ease of reaching us for service, response time, our technical competency, the effectiveness of our resolution, professionalism, and the quality of our services. We are committed to continuously looking at the customer experience to help us provide ongoing service enhancements. SIMMS Support Technicians are available to answer questions and resolve service requests promptly.

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