By: Zeetec  09-12-2011

Our goal is to maximize your plant’s uptime by minimizing downtime with fast, consistent and reliable inspection techniques. From project management to data analysis, Zetec’s Field Applications Team supports critical inspections with the best products and most experienced and knowledgeable staff. Our integrated solutions focus on industry-driven applications and take advantage of the most advanced technology to ensure the success of your steam generator inspections, today and in the future.

Only Zetec, with more than 37 years of field and manufacturing experience, can provide every component needed for your steam generator inspection or balance of plant inspection. Our experienced Field Applications Personnel provide all aspects of inspection support. Services are offered at Zetec via remote access or at your site. Zetec staff travels worldwide to support inspections and provide the best possible techniques available. We are always ready to supply information on specific requirements and to recommend equipment, techniques, and support to satisfy our customers.

All Zetec Field Applications Personnel are certified. Zetec can internally certify Qualified Data Analysts. Because we are also a manufacturing company, our Field Applications personnel are qualified with intimate knowledge of our products and even assist with the testing and qualification of many of our products. Many of our analysts are also cross-trained as EIMS Data Management Experts, Electronic Technicians and Mechanical Experts.

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Zetec has the resources and personnel — application engineers, machinists, probe designers, and assemblers — to meet those challenges. In addition to Zetec’s turnkey solutions, we also have the resources to assist our customers with new testing solutions. Zetec provides numerous turn-key solutions for many power generation applications. These solutions utilize Zetec’s innovative.


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Ultrasound and phased array ultrasound training courses based on Zetec products (hardware and software) and your applications are available on demand from us or our traning partners. Zetec offers trainings so you can make the most of your equipment and you can be at the forefront of the latest inspections techniques.