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By: Teraxion  09-12-2011

TeraXion’s static dispersion ClearSpectrum™ product suite features the DCMX, a passive dispersion compensation module which is available in several form factors including LGX. With its low insertion loss compared to DCF, the DCMX allows system vendors to save on amplification cost for in-line applications. Moreover, the small footprint and extended reach - up to 400 km - of this compensator make it suitable for long point-to-point spans or hut skipping configurations.

TeraXion also proposes the DCX, which is the athermal FBG package designed for customers who wish to incorporate dispersion compensation onto their transponder board or amplifier module. Both the DCX and the DCMX are tailored to compensate for different fiber types such as NDSF, DSF and NZDSF. In their positive dispersion versions, the fixed compensators are used to emulate chromatic dispersion in a T&M environment.

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CS-TDCMX Compact Tunable Dispersion Compensation Module | ClearSpectrum

This small form factor tunable dispersion compensator is a fully integrated module with a wide bandwidth and a large dispersion tuning range to support any 40 Gb/s modulation format. Based on TeraXion's well established FBG technology, this ready to use module integrates a circulator and all the electronics making it the smallest in the industry.


CS-TDCX Wavelength-Tunable TDC | ClearSpectrum

The ClearSpectrum™ product family provides accurate dynamic and static dispersion management products for various applications from chromatic dispersion compensation in optical networks to signal encoding in secure networks. The ClearSpectrum™ Tunable dispersion compensators delivers dynamic control over chromatic dispersion in the optical domain to help manage time-dependent dispersion effects in high-speed communications networks.


Tunable Dispersion Compensators | Teraxion

The wide tuning range of these dispersion compensators makes them suitable for T&M applications, and the option of using them with positive dispersion enables their use for fiber emulation. The ClearSpectrum Tunable Series is composed of three fully integrated optical modules, two OEM tunable dispersion compensators and a fully latchable chromatic dispersion compensator.