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By: Promine  09-12-2011

What is Promine?

Promine is an AutoCAD integrated software program. It is divided into specialized add-ons that each perform a specific geological exploration or mine development task. The add-ons range from geological mapping to planning, reserve estimates, modeling, surveying and drilling-blasting. Each add-on may be used as a standalone or with other Promine add-ons to improve productivity

Since Promine is integrated into AutoCAD, it is easy for AutoCAD users to learn how to use it, withouthaving to learn a new interface and new concepts.

Explore and define..
  • Plan a diamond drilling campaign.
  • Make 3D geological models.
  • Calculate resources with various estimation methods.
  • Build a geological block model.
Plan and schedule…
  • Plan drifts and raises.
  • Schedule development.
  • Build a production overlook from scheduled development and stopes.
  • Build 3D planning models.
Mine and follow operations…
  • Update drawings with survey data collected.
  • Model actual development: drifts, raises, room and pillar, surfaces, benches, etc.
  • Plan production drilling and blasting.
  • Cut sections in any orientation.
  • Manage drawings.
Share and distribute…
  • Create layouts and prints.
  • View planned and current mines in 3D.
  • Create animated 3D presentations.
  • Exchange data with other software.

Each add-on may be adapted to your needs and the Promine team developers can also create customized modules to meet your specific needs.