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Keywords: Remote Control, Circuit Breakers, Power Consumption

Probewell MT-1/NT4 Meter Tester The fourth generation of
our very popular MT-1/NT i
ntroduced more than 10 years ago!

All common residential watthour meters can be accurately tested on site by meter shop employees. Customer complaints and periodic sampling can be done within a few minutes! The MT-1/NT4 is also very popular with Customer Service people. They can check the meter in one single visit and in front of the customer. Customer satisfaction is instantaneous.

The MT-1/NT4 can test all common residential Wh meter 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S and 12S configuration forms. The three loads HL, PF and LL are set automatically according to the TA of the meter being tested. Any non standard current can be also programmed by the user for special needs. With 12S meter, the MT-1/NT4 can test two phases simultaneously or separately.

The meter under test is entirely controlled by the test socket. No setup wiring is needed. The MT-1/NT4 has reverse power flow testing capability for solid-state meters.

Built-in 50A Current Synthesizer

  • Simulate resistive and inductive loads. 

  • Supply any precise and regulated test currents up to 50A.

Built-in Watthour Standard

  • A true two-phase watthour standard.

  • Accuracy is not affected within the specified temperature operating range.

  • Comes with a complete calibration report certifying measurement accu-racy over its entire 36-point operating range using a primary standard traceable to NIST.

Easy to Use
  • Handheld remote control similar to the MT-1/NT's with its intuitive menus. 

  • Two specially designed removable tabs with a twist and lock mechanism can be easily moved by hand at 3, 6 or 9 o'clock.

  • Deadfront design for safer operation.

Compatible Meters

1S, 2S, 3S, 4S & 12S
10, 20, 100, 200 & 320
Test Socket
Input Voltage
Line frequency
Power Consumption
Circuit Breakers

100 - 600VAC
58 - 62Hz
75VA (maximum)
1A (press to reset mechanism)
2-Phase Synthesized Current 0.25 to 50A (fully adjustable)
Power Factor Unity and 0.5 Lag Power Factor
2 -Phase Watthour Standard
Typical Accuracy
Guaranteed Accuracy
Operation & Storage Temp. -20° to 60° C
Serial Communication Port RS-232 (isolated)
Optional Test Accessories Metercam disk sensor (CAM-2)
Optical Pickup (PUL-3)
Accuracy Testing Kit (ATK-4)
Magnetic adapter (MAG)
Data logging storage (LOG)

Physical Dimensions (HxLxD)
Test Socket (Diam. x D)
Remote Control
Carrying Bag

6.9" x 7.7"
8.3" x 3.9" x 1"
11" x 11" x 8"
Test Socket
Remote Control
Overall with Carrying Bag

5.3 lbs
0.6 lb
8.0 lbs
Warranty 1-year limited

Keywords: Circuit Breakers, Flow Testing, Lock Mechanism, Power Consumption, Remote Control, Test Socket

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Comes with a complete calibration report certifying measurement accu-racy over its entire 36-point operating range using a primary standard traceable to NIST. The MT-1/NT3 can test forms 12S, 14S, 15S and 16S self-contained 3-phase Wh meters along with single-phase forms 1S and 2S. Probewell MT-1/NT3 Meter Tester The third generation ofour very popular MT-1/NT with 3-phase capability.


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The test results can be easily imported to different data management softwares such as Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Access or viewed through a simple text editor such as Microsoft® Wordpad. The USB device also offers the following features: Auto-launch of software when the handheld remote is connected, self-powered and Tx/Rx LED indicators.


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In addition to standard test results and answers to personalized questions, NTDataOne automatically transfers such fields as: Standard's serial number, remote serial number, meter forms, Kh, and much more. The main advantage of using .CSV files is that column width can be automatically set in seconds. Data can be viewed on Excel only seconds after coming in from the field. This format can then be transferred to any data management software.