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By: Padlock Experts  09-12-2011


For over 20 years, our company has among its team master locksmiths who take their craft very seriously. Ensuring the safety of people is not a game, but a priority! That is why we guarantee in writing that any code locks sold to our customers are UNIQUE. Each lock is individually handled and inspected by a severe filtration process. With Padlock Experts, there are no duplicates. GUARANTEED!

No lock manufacturers offer guarantees in writing that the key or key code of their locks are unique among themselves, yet they dare to say that their products have unique keys. It is beyond their capacity. Of 100 unique key locks sold, on average 5% have similar keys! Why? Problems of logistics,outsourcing in foreign countries, bad follow-up during the assembly of parts and most importantly, a lack of knowledge and irresponsibility in lockout. Hence, for the manufacturers, not being accountable to their clients means no problems!


We are also equipped with a digital stylus marker that allows us to engrave logo, text or serial number on various surfaces (eg locks, tokens of aluminum and brass, keys, etc. ..). Why mark rather than laser engraving? Our stylus marks in the padlock body up to 1/64" deep, which gives relief and guarantees that the inscriptions on the lock will not fade with time, which is not the case with laser engraving, that barely attacks the anodized color coating of the lock, therefore no relief.

Wanting to customize your locks with serial numbers or your employee's names? Wanting your company logo engraved on the lock to counter theft? No problem.

Here are some examples of our marking service:

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INTERLOCK locks having non-reproducible keys (like KIRK Interlock, RONIS, etc) for locking-up high-risk equipment, such as high-surge electrical panels, breakers, etc.. Lockout products for a wide selection of push-button and selector switch.