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By: Gentec-eo  09-12-2011
Keywords: Energy Measurements, Optical Detectors,

Our optical detectors are offered for both power or energy measurements. Measure as low as a few femtojoules in energy or a few picowatts in power. Our optical detectors are also offered in standalone formats, where the electronics are integrated in the head, or as standard sensors.

Keywords: Energy Measurements, Optical Detectors,

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Inertial confinement fusion is a process where nuclear fusion reactions are initiated by heating and compressing a fuel target, typically in the form of a pellet that most often contains a mixture of deuterium and tritium. To compress and heat the fuel, energy is delivered to the outer layer of the target using high-energy beams of laser light.* ICF is said to reproduce the energy generation process taking place in the core of the sun.