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By: Dynagram Software  09-12-2011

What is inpO2 (in-poe-two)?

inpO2 Basic (Wizard+Layout Editor)

The easy to use and cost effective starting point for the rest of the inpO2 product line. inpO2 Basic is perfect for basic offset and digital printing applications.

See below for more information on the Wizard and Layout Editor.

inpO2 Pro (Basic+Assembly Planner)

The choice for professionals. inpO2 Pro adds template based assembly for offset and web press printing, along with our inpO2 planner for interactive imposition planning. In addition, other professional features such as page level controls, mark sets, ink merging and more! Network licenses are also available for customers who need multiple seats.

Optimization Module

Added to inpO2 Basic or Pro, the Optimization module makes ganging multiple jobs on a single sheet easy and flexible. Import your files, define your press sheet, quantities, and finishing methods then inpO2 Optimization does the rest. See your run length based on your quantities, paper waste and make adjustments to get just the right layout for your ganging needs.

Connectivity Module (JDF Export)

JDF Export of layout and finishing parameters for JDF compatible workflows, RIPs, and finishing equipment.

Network Licensing (inpO2 Pro Required)

If you need multiple seats of your imposition solution, our network license option not only can save you money on each additional seat added, it allows you to install inpO2 on as many workstations as you need. Licenses are floating licenses so you can open and use inpO2 on any workstation for as many seats as you own. Only available for

inpO2 Pro

or above.

Support and Upgrade Agreements




Enhancements to all modules of the inpO2 product line, with a focus on more control and productivity-driven features such as:


Acrobat X Suport

: inpO2 4.0 is fully compatible with the new Acrobat X on MacOS or Windows.


Enhanced Optimization

: New controls for setting defaults for press runs or products. New constraints for placement in rows or columns, or bleed side merging. Improved optimization logic and much more!


Bar Codes

: New to inpO2 Basic and above, you can now add a variety of barcodes including, Code 128 A,B and C, Code 39, 2/5 Interleaved, and ASIR Code.


Optimized Output

: Repeated pages in a job are only put in once keeping large step and repeat, or optimization gang work files small.


Support for Enfocus Switch

: inp02 Automation has been enhance to be fully compatible with the Enfocus Switch inpO2 Configurator.


Simplified Wizard

: We've made the Wizard even easier and more powerful with more control over signature placement on the sheet plus overrides for number of rows and columns for step and repeat, and N-up layouts.


Plus much more!

: Updated ink manager and Assembly Manager for inpO2 Pro. Enhanced shingling controls for Basic and Pro. plus over 20 other enhancements!

See the inpO2 4.0 Release notes for additional information on other product enhancements and bug fixes. Building blocks for your production needs.

• The Layout editor adds the powerful light-table to the Wizard.

• Edit your layouts easily with this option


• Set-up any automated workflow independent of page size or page count.

• Integrate inpO2 into an existing workflow using the Hot folders to capture new jobs and direct completed layouts to the next workflow phase.


• Control over JDF data type and version.

• Export with cutting parameters for downstream finishing.

• Define output settings to integrate with your workflow.

(1) Live technical support is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time (holidays excluded). Support is available in English and in French.


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